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Frequency noise performance & Tunability: These two features together are sought after in a laser, as it increases bandwidth and sensitivity in modern photonics. Despite the plethora of companies, supply is scarce for industrial-grade and cutting-edge tunable ultra-low-noise lasers.  

Tulon Photonics provides the next generation lasers to revolutionize 21st century photonics.

Communications: Space-based with satellites or Land-based with optical fiber links, lasers with ‘the best’ frequency noise performance and tunability increases bandwidth.  For us end-users, this means faster 100 times faster internet and 10 times less in power consumption. Hence, also sustainable.

Remote Sensing: Remote sensing includes a broad range of applications, whatever it is, lasers are its backbone. Tunable ultra low noise lasers will greatly increase sensitivity, allowing detection at greater distances with better resolution. 

Emerging Quantum Technologies: Cutting-edge lasers are the bread-and-butter for emerging quantum technologies. Whether it's Quantum Communication, Quantum Computing, or Quantum Sensing, emerging quantum technologies require only the best. 


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Laser World Focus:Tunable external-cavity lasers power high-speed coherent transmission

Blumenthal et. al., Frequency-Stabilized Links for Coherent WDM Fiber Interconnects in the Datacenter,  J. Lightwave Technol. 38, 3376-3386 (2020)

IP and Technology

Intellectual Property “SquashLock”  

Invented by Fritz Diorico and Onur Hosten at ISTA

Robust, Modulation-free and cost-efficient laser frequency stabilization method. It can be applied to any kind of laser, making it extremely versatile 

Surpassed the best documented laser frequency stabilization using the current industry standard. 

Can be used in various ways, with the Laser being the most straightforward product.

Patent protect: Two EPs filed and one PCT

You can learn about it more over here [1] and [2].


Revolutionary External Cavity Laser (ECL) using our SquashLock  (400nm - 2200nm):

- Ultra-low Frequency Noise

- Extended-Tuning-Range (ETR)

- Versatile, Compact, and Cost-Efficient


Ultra-low frequency noise while having wide tunability are very hard to obtain in a compact OEM-ready laser. 

So, what sets us apart?

Besides performance, different applications require certain compromises...


We will set ‘the’ standard for highly tunable ultra low frequency noise industrial lasers with scientific performance. 

Quiet Lasers 

for the 21st Century

The relevant noise sources fall in the acoustic range. So, the image you see can be taken quite literally.

FFG pre-Spin-Off phase: 

Create industry ready prototypes to engage with targeted customers


Fritz Diorico

CEO, Co-founder

Aisling Johnson

CTO, Co-founder

Onur Hosten

Chief Scientific Adviser, Co-founder

Josip Kukucka

Chief Engineer, Co-founder

Dusan Lorenc

Senior Engineer

Advisory Board

Onur Hosten

Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor IST-Austria

Co-inventor of Tulon Photonics' IP

Markus Aspelmeyer

UniWien, VCQ,

Executive Director, IQOQI

Michael Trupke

Senior Reserach Associate

UniWien, IQOQI

Thorsten Schumm

Dean of Physics, TU Wien

Quantum Metrology, NuClock Founder

Kavita Surana

Professor in Sustanability, 

WU Vienna

Contact us

We are currently supported by the FFG spin-off fellowship program and xista innovations. We aim to officially create the company within Q3/4 of 2024. 

We would love to hear about your application. We only aim to enable your application beyond possibility.

Or perhaps you would like to support us and become part of our endeavor. Then join us into creating a new age of photonics. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Contact us at: fritz@tulonphotonics.com or aisling@tulonphotonics.com


White Paper

If you want to learn more about our technology, feel free to download our white paper and do not hesitate to contact us.



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