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Our paper on Tulon Photonics' core IP, SquashLock is out. This work is several years in the making delayed only by IP protection. Tulon Photonics will bring this new laser technology to our modern industry pushing forth a new age of photonics.

Stay Tuned!

Our 2nd laser technology paper is out. This is one of the building blocks of Tulon photonics' IP and patents.

Arxiv version:

The original SquashLock can be found here.

Tulon Photonics featured in Austria's Brutkasten

Tulon Photonics along with the other FFG spin-off recipients were featured recently in Brutkasten, a Austria local news outlet. Tulon Photonics' founder, Fritz Diorico gave a 2 minute pitch during the FFG demo day early May.

Aisling represents Tulon Photonics at Wilhelm Exner Medal Foundation

Aisling represented Tulon Photonics with a Poster at the Wilhelm Exner awarding event held and organized by Österreichischer Gewerbeverein (Austrian Trade Association) this last 22-23 May 2023. She won 2nd place in start-up category. 

Congratulations Aisling! We are very proud of you!

For more info, check the link below.

Onur Hosten featured in Austrian news.

Onur Hosten, the chief scientific adviser of Tulon Photonics, was recently featured in Austrian news.  Onur is the co-inventor of the Tulon Photonics core IP.  He initiated the idea of modulation-free laser frequency stabilization, to which he and Fritz religiously applied in various cases during the Pandemic.

To read the original news article, ERC news and more about Onur's work, check below. 

New Article:

Onur Hosten from the Institute of Science and Technology Austria tackles the really big questions: How does gravity behave in the quantum realm? Check it out!  

 QUANTENGRAVITATION Neuer Versuch, Quantenphysik und Relativitätstheorie zu vereinen

ERC News:

The European Research Council (ERC) has selected the proposals of four ISTA scientists for #funding with two million Euros each.

Onur Hosten's Research Group at ISTA

FFG Demo Day

Fritz Diorico presents at the FFG Demo day last 10 May 2023 in front of a wide audience including Henrietta Egerth-Stadlhuber, Managing Director of FFG and Martin Polaschek, Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research.  

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